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Auction Property Finance

If you have been looking over the estate agents upcoming auction list and have identified a property you wish to bid on but don’t have the auction property finance agreed, then you need to get in place a firm offer of finance and this is where auction property finance comes into play.

How does an Auction work?

  • An auction house releases their brochure for an upcoming auction and separate each item into lots.
  • You bid against other people to win a lot
  • You commit to buy on the acceptance of your winning bid.
  • It is essential that you have the funds in place on acceptance of your bid.
  • Completion is usually set at 28 days from the date of the auction.


Which Type of Lender?

Traditional lenders such as high street banks and building societies struggle with auction finance as;

  • They need to carry out a survey on the property. You don’t want to be paying for a property valuation before you know if you have secured the property at auction.
  • High street lenders can’t guarantee a mortgage offer and completion within the 28-day deadline. Most lenders take that amount of time to issue the mortgage offer.
  • Property at auction is usually not fit for lending. Auction properties usually need renovating to a habitable standard and suitable for the high street lenders.


Auction property finance meets the needs of buying a property at auction because it addresses all of the above points. Key points of auction finance:

  • Some lenders issue an offer of finance without the need for a valuation
  • Initial offers can be produced within 48 hours and funds can be drawn down within the 28-day deadline
  • The finance is priced according to the amount of refurbishment the property requires



If you have brought to renovate and sell then the auction finance is repaid on sale of the property.

If you intend to retain the property, then Fox Davidson will also arrange the exit finance. The exit finance will be cheaper than the original auction finance.

Depending on how long it has taken you to complete the refurbishment works to the property you may fall foul of the 6 month mortgage rule, you can read more about that here in our blog.


Auction property finance terms.

Auction property finance can be secured on residential, buy to let and commercial property. The loan to value will vary from 50% to around 75% depending on the property value and the degree of work needed to be carried out on the property (if any).

Interest rates used to be a standard 1.5 – 2% pm but with an influx of challenger banks and privately funded lenders coming to the market over the last 5 years there are now much more favourable terms and they are constantly changing so we will quote terms at the time. You can expect to pay around 0.45% – 1.5%pm with set up fees around 2%.

Interest can be rolled up into the loan or serviced monthly.

Speak to Fox davidson, specialist in funding property at auction.

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