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Million Pound Mortgage – Large Mortgage Loans from Fox Davidson.

Fox Davidson work in the High Net Worth loan sector and secure finance for global clients wishing to secure loans of many millions of pounds on prime UK property.

Fox Davidson are an established, leading multi-million pound mortgage broker. Our clients demand a comprehensive mortgage brokerage service and we deliver. We promise to work tirelessly on your behalf to secure the best possible terms from the various lending houses.

Who are the Million pound mortgage lenders?

High Street Banks

When the Housing market crashed in 2008, high street mortgage lenders pulled back from lending much above £500,000. The appetite to lend large amounts of money had dried up. Since then and for approx. the last 4 years we have seen more lenders tailor their products to the large mortgage loan sector with many lenders now able to offer very competitive rates above £1 Million and up to around £5 Million.

With European legislation in place since March 2016 some of the high street banks have pulled out of lending to high net worth clients paid in a foreign currency. Where lending wont fit the high street we can turn to the private banks.

Private Banks.

Private Banks are renowned for lending to High Net Worth individuals. There are a lot of private Banks across the UK and most will lend our clients the funds they need provided that you meet affordability and/or can place assets under management with them. Unfortunately not all of our clients have the necessary funds to put down a large deposit as well as placing funds under management with a new bank. There may be considerations with regards to repatriation or breaking terms of an existing investment as to why a client may not wish to place funds under management with a Bank.

Fox Davidson can place finance with private banks that do and do not require any assets under management. The private bank mortgage terms are excellent and the banking relationship is usually of a very high standard.

Private bank mortgages can be loaned in multi-currencies.

Broker Only lenders

There are a considerable number of Broker only lenders now offering large mortgage loans in the UK. Since the Mortgage Market Review (MMR) and subsequently the European Mortgage Credit Directive (EMCD) all residential mortgages arranged must be fully advised and this change has resulted in many lenders now offering mortgage lending through brokers at levels near 75% when compared to direct to consumer. As a result of MMR many lenders now only offer their products though brokers only and rely on the qualified broker to provide them with their business. Through Fox Davidson our clients gain access to the exclusive products these lenders offer.

Offshore Mortgage Lenders

Not all lenders have their offices in the UK, many are based offshore in places such as Guernsey and Jersey. These lenders are able to offer large loans whilst allowing a client to keep their banking offshore which can have benefits for particular clients.

Commercial Large Loan Lenders

Large commercial loans include multi-million pound property development finance, Buy to Let mortgages of several millions and large corporate loans to companies wishing to buy their own business premises.

High value Commercial mortgages are possible in the name of a Ltd company which may be onshore or offshore such as in the name of a BVI Ltd company. Lending for large commercial loans are often completed in the name of a SIPP or if offshore in a QROPS.

Bespoke finance solutions.

Fox Davidson maintain a network of lenders that will lend upwards of £1 Million including Private Banks, Boutique lenders, High Street banks and Broker only lenders. The high net worth lenders we work with are able to offer our clients tailored finance solutions and are familiar with often complex situations.

Given the often complex structure of multi-million pound mortgages that Fox Davidson arrange you can be safe in the knowledge that we are well versed in the various ways to fund property. A property may be financed in the name of an individual, a company, a pension or in the name of a trust. These structures can be both onshore and offshore and secured on residential, buy to let or commercial property in the UK.

The lenders we work with do not always have to adhere to strict lending policies/criteria and with the right approach we can secure finance terms that are otherwise unpublished.

Fox Davidson understand their clients needs and are able to match those needs to bespoke finance houses. Lending can be arranged on an interest only basis with capital to be repaid from private equity, cash bonuses or sale of a property. Most lenders will be flexible and will work with a client to meet their repayment plans. If required, an offset facility can usually be agreed.

Are you in the public eye and need discretion from the outset?

Many of our high net worth clients are professional sportspersons, actors, entertainers or have sensitive situations that need care, confidentiality and discretion.

Fox Davidson secure mortgage lending for sports professionals, celebrities and other individuals who may be in the public eye. We offer complete discretion and will visit you at home or using our Bristol and London offices.

If you need to meet at short notice and have confidentiality requirements from the outset then please do contact us by phone or email in the first instance. To discuss your million pound mortgage requirements please do call us on 0203 287 8806 / 0117 989 7950 or email one of the Directors; or

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